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Automatic Fire Protection Systems (AFPS) for HEMM equipments used in Earthmoving & Industrial applications

The System

Vehicle Fire Suppression System is a pre-engineered, fixed nozzle system consisting of three major component : a container to store the dry chemical extinguishing agent which is pressurized by nitrogen gas; a manual and / or automatic actuation device to trigger the system; and a delivery system consisting of rubber covered hydraulic hoses and pre-set nozzles to carry the dry chemical from the storage container to the fire.

The system is applicable to protection of Class A (wood, paper, rags etc.) Class B (flammable liquids & gases) or Class C (energized electrical equipment) fires.

The Advantages

Life protection :

AEI's fire detection and suppression systems are designed first and foremost to protect human life. They are so designed and installed that a fire is suppressed will before it reaches the operator.

Reduce Damage and Down Time :

Our automatic systems detect and suppress the fire in its earliest stages, before it spreads to highly combustible areas. Thus damage is limited and equipment down time held to a minimum.

Reduce Insurance Cost :

AEI's fire detection and suppression systems are designed first and foremost to protect human life. They are so designed and installed that a fire is suppressed will before it reaches the operator.

Affer a Fire :

AEI's systems can be recharged by properly trained people on the spot without special tools or equipments. This is important when the systems are frequently used and / or are on equipment in remote locations.

Vechile System Components

Cylinders (Stored Pressure)

AEI’s vehicle system cylinders are manufactured from the highest standard materials. They are constructed of steel and coated with an epoxy primer and a polyurethane top coat for excellent resistance to corrosion. The valve assembly is made from forged brass and forms the heart of the systems.

Cylinders are shipped from the factory filled with ABC Dry Chemical Powder and pressurized. Availabe Cylinder Szes : 25lbs and 50lbs

Control Panel

The system status is constantly monitored by the control panel and communicated to the Vehicle operator by means of visual LED indicators and an audible alarm. The Control Panel provides dash board monitoring of all automatic fire suppression system electrical circuits of the fire detection, activation and power supply. The Control Panel connects to the system wiring by modular color coded, click lock connectors. It provides auxiliary contacts to switch in the event of suppression system actuation and can therefore be used to actuate vehicle shut down controls such as fuel shut off solenoid or a peripheral safety or warning equipment.
It is of a rugged component design, water tight construction, capable of 24 V DC operation and offers system self test function with a wide operating temperature range.

Detection Network

Fire Detection can be provided by heat sensor wire, Fixed temperature thermostats, linear of safe-IR detection. Any combination can be used as necessary.

Nozzles and Distribution

Fire suppression agent is delivered to hazard areas by fixing high capacity fast flow machined brass nozzles.

How The System Works

The System Works in this manner

When a fire starts, the system can be activated by lowering the manual discharge button of the mechanical actuator fitted on the Nitrogen expellant gas cartiridge.

In case of automatic actuation, the heat sensor will automatically detect the fire. This cause the closure of an electrical circuit which energizes the electromechanical actuator. Both manual and automatic actuations cause puncture of the Nitrogen expellant gas cartridge.

The expellant Nitrogen gas pressurizes and fluidizes the dry chemical extinguishing agent which is then discharged through hydraulic hoses to fixed nozzles and into the fire areas.



    Permanent SSI Registration

    NSIC Registration

    Inspector of Factories Registration

    Clearance from Pollution Control Board

    Registrar of Firms Registration


    ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Certification for our product range (Approval No. I/02071)

    Directorate General of Mines Safety (DGMS), Dhanbad for our Auto Fire Protection Systems for HEMM equipments used in Coal mines, earthmoving and Industrial applications.

    M/s. Directorate General of Quality Assurance (DGQA) under the Ministry of Defence, Government of India

    Registration No. A-49, SS-P, Grade I

    This registration enables us to make supplies to the Indian Defence Forces, Ordnance Factories and other research establishments in India.